Mary Catherine


I remember being little and looking up to my older sister, KK like she was perfect. Her real name is Mary Catherine but for some reason we have all called her KK since I can remember. She was blonde, fit and never seemed to get in trouble be it @ school or home. She went to an all girls catholic high school for 4 years then went on to a big state university and ended up marrying her big brother from a fraternity she joined. They did the big wedding at our childhood parish church and reception at city hall. They had 3 kids, white picket fence and dog. But then I came along trying to follow in her foot steps and ended up in 4 different high schools, dyed my hair, got pregnant before marriage and got in trouble every where I went. I was given the same tools my sister was but ended up completely different. Why is that? Now @ age 44 and two divorces later I still look up to her as perfect. Kind of perfect. She did it right. I often joke with her about being Suzy Homemaker, Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart. She is the soccer mom, the mom who volunteers at the kids school, the mom who never forgets to send a special gift to the teacher, the mom who goes on all field trips. You know which mom I’m talking about….

We shared a bedroom for a while when we were little, and for a little while it was 3 of us girls in one room. We had a big home but with only four bedrooms and 7 kids, you have to make do with what you have. I used to try to tag along with her and her girlfriends as much as I could but I was a bother. I used to try to spy on her and sneek through her things. Growing up with her I don’t remember being necessarily close with her. She was 5 yrs older than me, I think. It wasn’t until I had a child that I think we began to bond. I remember hanging out with my brothers and I remember hanging with my little sister, but never with KK. My earliest memory of her was when she was in high school. I remember riding with her right after she got her drivers license. I remember when she had a party and my parents went out of town. She made me go to bed and not come out. I snuck to the landing on the stairway and watching from a distance as the house was full of high schoolers partying.

Why is it that siblings can live in the same house with the same rules and up bringing and turn out so different. Don’t get me wrong, we have our similarities. We don’t favor each other, except maybe the chin. I think all kids should grow up having a wonderful example like I did. She was never arrested, no tattoos, no piercing, no knock down drag out fights with my parents and never flunked out of school. We both live out of state from where we grew up and both still and will always have a strong love for St Louis and the Cardinals.



  1. tammy

    i think it has to do with what t.v programs we watch…isnt that what the psychotherapists say?


  2. Really? I never heard that before.


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