10 of My Favorite Things

I got this title from the Bravo TV series called, “10 Things that make me happy”.  Of course I changed it a little. This is just some of my favorite things.10 – Imos Pizza, THE best pizza on earth. Located in St Louis. Never ever tasted a pizza anything like it.

9 – My Samantha Brown luggage, my daughter gave it to me last Christmas. It is the coolest and spaciest suitcase I have ever used.
8 – DVR, This has taken over any life I may have had before.  All of my friends and lovers live in my DVR box.
7 – Heavenly Perfume, from Victoria Secrets.  Not sure how many years I’ve been using it but I wear it every time I leave the house.
6 – Eyelash Extensions,  haven’t worn them since November I think but that is still my favorite luxury to have done.  I automatically feel so beautiful with them on.
5 – DROID,  one of my favorites just because I would be lost without it. All of my information is stored in it; contacts, list of meds, my alarm clock, kindle, all my passwords, bills information, pictures, everything.
4 – Books on CD, I spend so much time in my car that I have come to love listening to books. I still read a lot the old fashioned way but this makes driving so much more enjoyable.
3 – Electric blanket, I just started using one about 3 years ago and am amazed at this wonderful invention.  I will use it year round, mostly because my boyfriend keeps the air conditioning so cold. I find it very hard to sleep without it.
2 – This big flashlight that I do not know the name of. It is about the size of a pair of boots, maybe a little bigger. My boyfriend bought it from Auto Zone. It cost about $80 and I freaking love it. If the power goes out @ your house, it will light up several rooms at once. It has several settings so you can use it very dim too. It will also charge your cell phone. I will not ever try to live without it.

1 – fireworks! And not just small town fireworks or sparklers or snap, crackle or pops but full blow big ass fireworks. I love to watch fireworks. It doesn’t matter who I’m with or where I’m at, this always seems to captivate me.


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