Fifty is Nifty





I can’t believe I am 50 years old! I always thought 50 was so old but now that I am here I actually feel about 39. Really. Well, ok, most of the time. All of my life I assumed I would have it all together by this age but nope, not there yet. I feel like I am always a work in progress. It definitely was the biggest milestone I have hit yet. Well, 13 and 16 seemed like big birthdays to me. I was just so damn excited to be 13. Really, I was. I remember it like it was yesterday. And at 16, I just knew I wanted to move out and be on my own. But turning 50 seems so final. Like there’s no turning back now. Ha! At fifty you are more concerned with your credit score and your cholesterol number than you are with what time happy hour ends. I don’t think I am a completely different person than I was a 28, just more refined and experienced now. Wait, I wouldn’t say I am refined. More like shaped and softer. By the time you make it to this age you become more thoughtful. This is my opinion. Wouldn’t you say so too?


There is some positives to being this age….. I now qualify for AARP. That means I get discounts @ Denny’s and AT&T, among other places. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m a lot wiser than I used to be. Not that the wisdom kicked in on my birthday or anything but I know it hasn’t been around for long. I’m still passionate about things but maybe a little less dramatic. Just in ways that I don’t sweat the small stuff as much as I used to. But then again, Zoloft probably helps with that.  Good, bad or indifferent, I am more settled in my life now. Sure it can improve in many ways but being comfortable and at peace makes a difference.


But the downfalls of being fifty are noticeable but not devastating. The most obvious and painful things would be menopause. Great Jesus, it’s like pregnancy and puberty all at once. For me anyway. You all have heard it but it’s acne, bloating, hot flashes and more. Good times! Then there is the panic of not being financially set for retirement and feeling like you have to rush to save more. You begin to notice REAL changes in your body and face as far as wrinkles and sagging goes.


Obviously there is a lot more pros and cons then what I just mentioned and yes, age is just a number. But it’s a very big deal if you have hit it. Trust me. All in all fifty is fabulous. Just to know how long ago it really was, here are some people and things that turn 50 years old this year too…..

  • zip lock bags
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Virginia Slim cigarettes
  • Will Smith
  • the Archies comics
  • Celine Dion
  • Calvin Klein blue jeans
  • lava lamps
  • bean bags




2018… the 18th year of the 3rd millennium


2017 was a good year for me. Not the best but it was productive and happy. At the beginning of 2017 I was really settled into my job and my home. I was comfortable and happy with my friends and seemed to have zero drama in my life. Just the way I like it. I started the year off debt free and it felt amazing. By the end of this year I received a promotion on my job. Growing older was certainly looking up, so to speak.

I took several little trips. I definitely was hoping to make it out of the country this year but knew it wasn’t in the plans. This year I took a quick trip down to Savannah with my friend Mae. I also went to Texas for my nephews wedding. It was a busy family weekend. And then lastly I went to Florida during a hurricane with a couple girlfriends. That was fun. I didn’t have any long vacations out-of-town but I saw the people I needed to.

I fell in love in 2017, fast and hard. I was actually concerned for the longest time that I would not ever find anyone I actually liked. Well, I know now that it can happen. My head spinned, the earth moved and the angels began to sing kind-of-love. We are not together anymore but I do believe he will go down as being one of my great loves of my life. I learned a lot from that experience and I know now that there is hope down the line.

I only made two big purchases this year, I bought a new car in March and got a new stomach in April. Yes, I was very excited about both. I had bariatric surgery called the Sleeve. And so far I have lost 75 lbs. I really need to lose about 60 more pounds. The surgery sure helps but it is still hard. I haven’t lost any weight in 2 months. The last few months I have went through some hard times so I am hoping to put that all behind me and get back on track again.

There was only one person in my life that I was on the outs with. It was my cousin who was my very dear friend for many many years. There was a misunderstanding and we hadn’t spoken in three years. I decided it was time to shake it off and make amends. We made up and I couldn’t be happier. And I know my mother would have been so proud of me had she been healthy enough to speak.

And lastly my mother passed away in October. She was always a silly happy woman up until the last few years. She just was not herself. She suffered from Alzheimer’s for 10 long years. I really was not sad or upset to see her go. She is finally @ peace and with God. I mourned her years ago when she first faded away. But I am happy to not have to watch her in pain and see her so confused.

I am looking forward to 2018, like I look forward to each new year. My hope for 2018 is to not make any more big purchases, unless of course it’s for an international trip. I need to pay off my credit card and save, save, save. I need to focus on my eating and start exercising again. My goal is to lose that last 60 lbs before April 3rd. I know its doubtful but I can try. I sure hope you all have a great New Year and thanks so much for continuing to read my blog.

My 2017 Version of My Favorite Things

  1. Dave’s Coffee Cake! Seriously, it is incredible. I have tried a couple different kinds of theirs but my favorite is Cinnamon Supreme. The first time I tried it was @ the annual Women’s Show in St Charles in February. They had a booth where you can sample it and that is when I got hooked. They have one store in Missouri, two in Illinois and one in Wisconsin. At least I think that’s the only places they have. But don’t fret, you can order it and they mail it fresh the same day and you will receive it usually in 4 business days. The cakes are all 9″ round and there is 80 different kinds. Four of those 80 are sugar-free. Their website is and their # is 815-201-1155.

  2. large_077f98c0-c816-4f34-81ab-5967a6c76a23So a couple of weeks ago I was camped out in my mom’s hospital room with her and my siblings. We didn’t have any food up there and I was left with a quick run to the convenience store to buy something to snack on. I bought a bag of Turtle Chex Mix. I had never seen it before but the package had piqued my interest. Wow! Best snack food EVER! It’s a mix of caramel-coated corn Chex, cocoa-seasoned corn Chex, pretzels, nuts, caramel-coated popcorn and chocolaty candies. It’s different from regular Chex Mix. I seriously could probably eat my weight in it. Which means I cannot ever buy that bag again. It is addicting and delicious. The good news is that its 50% less fat than regular potato chips.
  3. When I went to Texas for my nephew’s wedding in August, my boyfriend and I stopped by a Virtual Reality booth @ the mall. We both took turns with the goggles on and experienced something hilarious. To me it was. You can pick a haunted house, roller coaster, monsters or whatever you want. If you get the chance to try one out then do it! It’s 3-D and was so so much fun. I tried the roller coaster one first because the attendant there recommended it. Oh no, that one wasn’t for me. I couldn’t handle it. So then I did the haunted house. That was right up my alley.  Here’s a video of me watching it, 
  4. thWD3RI0J6For years and years I have used American airlines when I needed to fly. I have a relative that works there. But this last September I flew on Alligiant Air with a couple of friends. Where the hell have I been? They are crazy cheap!!! Like their flights are sometimes $28. Yes, I said $28. You have to watch for deals and they don’t fly everywhere unfortunately. Allegiant Air offers non-stop service from regional cities to major destinations in the United States including Las Vegas, Phoenix, and a few Florida locations. New destinations are added regularly. Some routes operate seasonally. One good thing is that you can enter your email address on their website for a particular airport so you’ll be notified if they start flying there. And something a little odd is that it is hard to find their phone #. They try to do the majority of their business and customer service on-line. Also it’s important to know they don’t offer complimentary drinks or snacks on the plane, you have to buy them if you want them.
  5. thHHUFYY1SMy friend Mae insisted I try her Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer when we went on a trip to Savannah together in May. I was hesitant to try it because I’m really not into the whole round brush thing. But she persisted and won me over. It’s like a hair straightener and hair dryer in one. It has a unique oval brush that quickly creates frizz-free volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls the ends with a single pass. I shit you not. Designed to distribute air quickly and evenly to the hair to dry and style faster for less heat damage. It’s $60 and it does seem to get pretty hot. But I still use it and love it. But I wouldn’t really recommend it for short hair.
  6. untitledCookies are my favorite so of course I am going to include one. McAlister’s Sugar Cookies are melt in your mouth good. It is soft and sweet and perfect. It’s exactly what I’m sure heaven is like. It almost has a hint of lemon in it even though I’m not a lemon fan. But in this it was wonderful. There is nothing more to say about it except that it is perfection.
  7. I cut off cable/ satellite for the first time in my adult life. I think. It was a big step and I was so nervous. I did it to save money and only committed to it because I heard about The Amazon Fire Stick. My friend Angel called me and told me all about hers. She said you can buy this one time thing and never pay for cable again but still be able to see all the shows. I’m talking shows on Bravo, E!, AMC, NBC and whatever. Even HBO, Netflix and live sports. It’s really hard to believe until you try it yourself. Now the downfalls is that you can’t watch the shows live (unless its sports) and the quality is not the best. But hey, its free. So all my regular shows that I watch (and there is more than I will say) I have to watch the following day. I will say it’s not the easiest program to set up. I had to have help and I think most people probably will too. Dave Ramsey would give this a thumbs up, I’m sure. #winning th0Y1RXO9P
  8. Caramel m&m’s…. You think I’m kidding, I’m not! This is some serious candy here. I went months without having any sugar and must have missed when this came out but regardless, OMG! This sweet sweet thing is just a soft caramel ball with a light coating of chocolate around it. It’s chewy and oh so good. It is not like the other m&m’s, I promise. This is yet another product I need to stay the hell away from. th.jpg

I was going to continue but I realized most of the things on my list are edible and I didn’t want this focused all on food. But the few I already did list was because they are crucial. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I know I haven’t been on here much this year but I have been a bit distracted with some huge life changes….


Hello 2017


I am happy to see the New Year is upon us and excited with whats to come. I love change and hoping for something new. New hair color, new home or any new experiences. But unlike most I have noticed, 2016 was not a bad year for me. I have a great job, I’m comfortable in my home and financially it was better than most years. I went in a cave underground, took a quick trip back to Savannah to visit and learned to let go on a lot of things and people. The only two downfalls of 2016 for me would be my struggle with my weight and the fact that I was all alone. I’m not sure which was worse.


As corny as it sounds, my high of this past year was watching Donald Trump win the election and my low was feeling like I lost all closeness with a loved one. For me, my year was rather bland or vanilla, so to speak. I was happy and laughed but had no surgeries, no major changes and no international trips. I grew closer with new friends and grew further apart from old ones. I believe I have grown in self-confidence and even a little independent. Crazy as it sounds, I, Nanette Thomas, popped open my hood of my car and put oil in it and changed the battery in my smoke alarm @ home. All by myself. Ha! Who would have ever thought?!


I have big [secret] plans for this year and am in great anticipation of what the outcome will be. I am hoping to find someone special to spend time with but also not willing to settle for just anyone. I still would desperately love to do some more international traveling but my goal is to put all trips off until 2018 for financial reasons. I am debt free and am trying to remain that way, at least for another year. I dream of getting a new car but again, would like to hold off on for as long as I can.

My plans for 2017 include spending more time with my mom, cooking more, exercise more and watching less tv. I also only wrote 4 post in this blog in 2016 so my plan is to beat that this year. That shouldn’t be hard to do since I was able to write 78 post in 2012 and have been writing in here ever since. I guess one word to sum up 2016 would be solitude and one word I would like for 2017 would be productive.Thank you to a few close friends and a couple of family members who helped me survive yet another year. Now here’s to 2017….

The 2016 Version of my Favorite Things …..



1.  McDonald’s Oatmeal – I am liking it right now because it’s a better alternative to hot cakes or McMuffins. It taste great, has a little fresh fruit in it and the calories aren’t out of control. The ingredients are
Oatmeal- Whole grain rolled oats, brown sugar, food starch-modified, salt, natural maple flavor with other natural flavor (plant source), barley malt extract, caramel color.
Diced Apples-
Apples, calcium ascorbate (a blend of calcium and vitamin C to maintain freshness and color).
Cranberry Raisin Blend Dried sweetened cranberries (sugar, cranberries), California raisins, golden raisins, sunflower oil, sulfur dioxide (preservative).
Light Cream
Milk, cream, sodium phosphate, datem, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium citrate, carrageenan.
The Nutritional Information: 290 calories, 4.5 g fat, 57 g carbohydrates, 5 g protein, 5 g fiber, 160 mg sodium (Points+ ). It is instant oatmeal with the sugar pre-added and then they add hot water, cranberry raisins, diced apples, and light cream.

2.  BeautiControl’s liquid eyeliner. I am always looking for the next best thing with eye make up. And I have found it. At least with eyeliner. I wear eyeliner almost every day and for some reason mine always runs. Always. Or should I say it wipes away at the corner of my eyes as I tear up in the sunlight or whatever. But this one does not run or smear @ all, even through sweat or tears. It’s waterproof, smudge proof and paraben free. I love it! It’s $16 and must purchase through a BeautiControl Rep. And I will add that I am NOT a rep with them. LOL.


3.  Fitbit or the Garmin version- You might not think its all that or that your phone can keep up with your steps. Ha! This thing is magical. It will track your steps, distance, calories burned and your sleep patterns. You will be surprised @ how many times you wake up in the middle of the night. A fit bit is also good for challenging or competing against your friends.


4.  The Yeti knock off cups. I have the Ozark Trail cup. Just get one! They are under $10 @ Walmart and so worth it.  This tumbler is made with high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and is double-walled and vacuum-sealed for maximum temperature control, so it’s equally suited to sustaining the temperature of both hot and cold beverages. Whether you like to keep your sweet tea chilled on a hot summer day, or would rather keep your hot coffee from going lukewarm 10 minutes into your commute, this travel cup has you covered.  It has a durable, rust-proof and sweat-free design and is BPA-free and comes with a lifetime warranty.


5.  Norwex filtered water pitcher. Best tasting water ever! If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one thing then my Norwex water pitcher would be it! The Norwex Water Filtration System comes with a 2.5 liter pitcher and 4-stage filter. The oval design of the pitcher does help it fit pretty easily in the refrigerator. Their unique filter uses exclusive magnesium technology for better-tasting water. This filter helps reduce impurities such as chlorine, copper, cadmium, mercury and lead. Also, the Norwex warranty is WAY better than most other filtration systems. Most systems like Brita only come with a 90 day warranty. The Norwex Filtration System comes with a full 1 year warranty!


6.  Playing the tourist in Missouri – I am trying to see all the local attractions that my State has to offer. There is so much to see and do. Last week I went with my friends to the Onondaga Caves in Crawford County. I had never been there before. I am attempting to try new foods and trying to see sights I haven’t seen before. There is a lot I haven’t done here before.




7.  And lastly,  my favorite thing right now is Cinnamon Crunch Bagels, bread sliced from St Louis Bread Co (AKA Panera) with Reduced-Fat Honey Walnut Cream Cheese. It is to die for. My cousin Patti introduced me to it and I am now hooked. The bagels are made fresh with cinnamon and vanilla flavored chips and topped with a sweet, crunchy shell of cinnamon and sugar. But I will have to say that it is their bagel with the highest calorie count of 430.

The Tale of Two Cities

I know I’ve done a couple of these but I promise this is my final review of moving back to Missouri since I’ve been here over a year. Still I do not regret it.



Food – better in Savannah and more variety. Hands down. With the exception of pizza and Italian food. Pizza in this city is phenomenal. And I don’t just mean Imos. All the Italian restaurants here are like Little Italy Neighborhood Restaurant on Wilmington Island.


Bugs – way way way worse in Savannah. So happy to leave those creatures behind. You can actually lay in the grass here or take a walk when the weather is nice and not be attacked by creatures.


Water life – to my surprise, Missourians may just enjoy and participate in water activities more than Savannahians as far as floating, swimming, skiing and boating. For a State not located on the ocean I was surprised at how many rivers there are here.

Sports fans – ummmm, that’s obvious, StL. People eat, drink and sleep their sports here. For some it’s their religion.

Cost of Living – Missouri wins this one. It is cheaper to live here.

Earth day word cloud

Eco-Conscious – Missourians put Savannahians to shame on this. They are all about recycling and not littering and very focused on their environment. It’s one of the differences I noticed first when I moved back. They are all about drinking water and not using as many chemicals in their lives.

Drugs – Savannah does have their share of illegal drugs but I do believe Missourians are losing on this one. I think more people are on them here and have more access to them. Maybe it’s because the drug laws are stricter in Georgia. I’m not sure.


Entertainment – There really isn’t any comparison on this one. StL has it all. You could go and go and go everyday and still not see it all. There are concerts, comedy shows, opera, sports, kids activities, fairs and so so much more going on everyday.


Green – green as in the color. The nature here as far as the grass, the trees and the hills all look so much healthier up here. This is another thing that shocked me. It is so green and beautiful in Missouri. There is waterfalls, caves, farms and beautiful rolling hills. Savannah to me, reminds me more of flat and sandy. If y’all come up to visit then you’ll see what I mean. The trees are just bigger and healthier. It’s hard to explain.


Pampering – Boom! Savannah has got it. Savannah knows how to get massages, relax, and be catered to like no body’s business. I give Georgia 5 stars on this one and maybe a half star to Missouri. In Savannah you can find a massage parlor, a nail salon, get your eyebrows thread, your bikini waxed, a tanning salon, a car detailing place or whatever around almost any corner. In Missouri you’re lucky if you could find one. Just kidding but it’s definitely not as common up here. To be pampered I would definitely go to Savannah for that. In Missouri they don’t like to waste their money on things not practical. They wash their own cars, cut their own grass and clean their own homes up here. Strange. Lol



Diversity – Originally I would’ve thought Savannah would win this one being that SCAD is there. But oh no, St. Louis area is definitely more diverse. They have lots of different nationalities living up here. But as far as international food goes, Savannah wins that again.

Crime – Worse in Savannah

The Arts – St Louis!!! Between the museums and live theater there is no contest.

Ok…. The bottom line is if you want to eat good and be pampered you live in Savannah. Just keep your door locked and your gun close. Now if you want to enjoy nature and save money I would say live in Missouri.

I am done comparing the two places. Both places have a piece of my heart ❤️

Oh my Posh!



Perfectly Posh is my new Direct Sales business. And hopefully the last. As you all know I have an addiction (or illness) to signing up with Direct Sales companies.  I have written a post about this before on here called the Ultimate Salesman in July of 2012 but just to mention I have sold; Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, BeautiControl, Tyra Beauty, thiry-one, Clever Container, Premier Jewelry, Monavie, Melaleuca, Scentsy, Party Gals, Damsel in Defense, Amway, long distance calling cards (way back in the day), Life Insurance, Annunities, Younique, Herbalife, Plexus, Primerica and Solavei… just to name a few. None of them last too long. I guess I get bored and move on to the next shiny thing. To be honest, I usually just sign up to get the kit. Some people play golf as a hobby, swim or gamble. Me, I do direct sales. Or I mean, I just acquire them.


So now, Posh is my thing. Posh is all about products that pamper. Anywhere from face wash to bubble bath to lotions. Posh products are all natural with recycled containers and everything made in the US and no testing done on animals. All their products are under $25 and if you purchase 5 items then you get the 6th one for free. Still fairly new, Perfectly Posh was founded in October 2011.


I haven’t approached too many people about purchasing any of these products because I think I have worn out the selling mat with most of my friends and family by now. So I am now just trying to talk to the people I run into randomly on a day-to-day basis. I’m giving out samples and letting some just try it out for themselves. The products sell themself. Just to give you an idea of what the products are here are some; foot peel kit, bar soap, face moisturizer, face wash, lip balms, face cleanser, body oil, body mister, face exfoliator, body butter, face mask, shampoo and a men’s line among a lot of others.


So, if you would like to order or sign up then go to my website

6 months in….





6 months in….

I have survived 6 months back in Missouri. And some of my southern friends didn’t think I would last this long <Dawn!>. I knew I would. I have finally gotten settled with a job and a place to live. Not all the way unpacked, but settled. I moved into a tiny apartment about 40 minutes west of St Louis in a small town. It’s not the prettiest of areas (like New Haven) but it has everything I need. My job is not far from home and I love it. The company is great and so are my co-workers. What more could a girl ask for…
I have learned a few things since then and just want to share them with you

1.) I realize I love the StL area even more than I thought.  It really is everything I dreamed it was and some.

2.) I never really realized before that Missouri is very rural. Larger towns are still under 10,000 residents, and there are only 23 towns over 20,000.  I never lived in the country settings growing up until I moved to Georgia. But I’m in them now. Everyone is so friendly, polite and they love to have their county fairs. It really is the whole apple pie, American flag kind of towns. Lots of hunting and guns and cowboy boots. Some of the State is actually considered Southern, while other parts Midwestern. If you didn’t know any better you might think you were in Bulloch County. To my surprise there is sweet tea here though not as good as down South, but they also have snipe hunting, frog giggin and rodeos.

3.) I was under the impression that Missouri was rather liberal. But come to find out it’s mostly StL that is very liberal but out in the counties its more conservative. (St Louis City is an independent city and not in any county)

4.) I did not realize before I moved here how scenic and beautiful it is here. When I lived here growing up it was in the City. The real City. No driveways, no school buses and definitely no fields. Missouri is so hilly and there is deep valleys, mountains, prairies, lots of rivers, caves and more.  In the county I live in alone has 3 large rivers; Missouri River, Bourbeuse River and the Meramac River. When I always talked about moving back here I always referred to the City life. That’s all I really knew and that’s what I missed. Now I have the best of both worlds.


5.) Missouri’s Wine Country caught me off guard. I had no idea there was such a thing. And boy is it a thing! They are loud and proud of it. There is wineries all over these parts and really popular. So far I have only been to one and that one was in Hermann. They had a band and the sights were beautiful. I can’t wait to check out more in the Spring.

7 6

6.) I wasn’t exactly sure before but I now know, Missourians eat WAY more pizza than anywhere. But for good reason, this place can make some good pizza.


7.) Living in Savannah I never had to worry about driving in ice or snow. I was pretty nervous about it when I got here. I have learned if it’s ice then don’t do it. If it’s snow then go slow. Or I also learned that a spray bottle with part rubbing alcohol and part water is so helpful in the winter. I spray it on my windshield every morning as I walk out the door for work and it melts the ice or snow instantly. And I also learned there is one item that you must have to survive winter in Missouri… GLOVES. Scarf, coats, boots are nice but gloves are a must! I still plan to go snow tubing @ Hidden Valley, ice skating @ Steinberg and catch a Blue Hockey game this season. Lots to still do..


8.) I get to see my family more than I was expecting and that’s a good thing. It’s still so new to me to be able to just go see any one of them any time I want. I have reconnected with old friends and made some great new ones. I’m scared to say it but things are really falling into place.

All in all, I still miss my daughter but I am still glad I moved.



The Midwest vs the South

​Food is good here but better (and more fattening) in the South. At least from what I can tell so far. I will say the BBQ and pizza are better in StL and they have Sun Drop, toasted ravioli, frozen custard, provel cheese and are home of the Gooey Butter Cake. But the South wins in this category overall. Savannah has real sweet tea, boiled peanuts and fresh seafood.
Music is better in St Louis. The radio stations and music they play is far, far better. There is no comparison. I guess that is to be expected coming from a much larger city. I have heard songs on the radio here that I haven’t heard since I was in high school. Savannah has about as many concerts there in a year that St Louis has in a week. Just this week in StL the concerts are Brad Paisley, Todd Rundgren, Def Leppard, Styx, Tesla, Toby Keith, Eli Young Band and The Fall of Troy. I am sure there are many others too, really. And it’s like this every week. Its crazy.


 Most would disagree with me but I love the Midwest Weather compared to the South. With fall being my absolute favorite season. St. Louis experiences hot, humid summers and cold winters. It is subject to both cold Arctic air and hot, humid tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico. The average annual temperature recorded is 57.1 °F. Both 100 and 0 °F temperatures can be seen on an average 2 or 3 days per year. Average annual precipitation is about 41.0 inches. The city has four distinct seasons:

Spring (March through May) is typically the wettest season, with 11.7 in of precipitation. Spring produces severe weather ranging from tornadoes to winter storms. St. Louis has thunderstorms 48 days a year on average. Especially in the spring, these storms can often be severe, with high winds, large hail and tornadoes. Lying near the hotbed of the Tornado Alley, St. Louis is one of the metropolitan areas with most frequent tornadoes.

Summers are hot and humid; temperatures of 90 °F or higher occur 43 days a year. The record high temperature is 115 °F.  

Fall is mild and sunny, with lower humidity.

Winters can be brisk, as high temperatures below freezing occur 25 days per year, on average. Each winter regularly has at least one major snowstorm accumulating 4 inches or more. The season can also bring comparable amounts of rain; nonetheless, it is typically the driest season. Winter storm can yield heavy freezing rain, ice pellets, and snowfall. The daily average temperature in January is 31.8 °F. The official record low is −22 °F. The average seasonal snowfall is 17.7 inches.

Now Savannah is different, of course. Savannah’s climate is classified as humid subtropical. In the Deep South this climate is characterized by long and almost tropical summers, with temperatures reaching freezing on only 24 days in the winter and with rare snowfall, as the city is south of the snow line. I remember there was snow flurries in 1986 and they closed all the schools and the city freaked out. The snow wasn’t even sticking to the ground. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic coast, Savannah rarely experiences temperatures as extreme as those in Georgia’s interior. Nevertheless, the extreme temperatures have officially ranged from 105 °F to 3 °F.
Summers tend to be humid with many thunderstorms. Nearly half of Savannah’s precipitation falls during the months of June through September, characteristic of monsoon-type climates. The city is very low and possibly has bad drainage systems because when it rains, it floods. Savannah is at risk for hurricanes, and everyone there has been evacuated many many times.  

Sports are huge in St Louis. St. Louis has three major league sports teams. The St. Louis Cardinals, one of the oldest franchises in Major League Baseball and they have won 11 World Series. The Cardinals’ 11 titles are second only to the New York Yankees’. The St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League appeared in three Stanley Cup finals and made 25 consecutive playoff appearances. The city’s National Football League franchise, the St. Louis Rams, won the Super Bowl in 1999. I don’t know much about the Rams but apparently they are still kicking.
The city is also the birthplace of corkball. Ha! I just found that out. And is one of the few cities with a Corkball league. In case you don’t know, Corkball is a “mini-baseball” game featuring a 1.6-oz. ball and bat with a barrel that just 1.5″ across.
St. Louis has long had a reputation as being one of America’s soccer hotbeds, and is home to what is arguably the richest soccer history in the nation, despite not hosting a Major League Soccer franchise. The Saint Louis University men’s soccer team has made 16 NCAA Final Four appearances and has won 10 national championships. The team consistently ranks in the Top 10 of all Division I soccer teams in attendance. Every U.S. team in World Cup history has included at least one St. Louisan on its roster, and 29 St. Louisans have been inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Pretty impressive! StL also has 10 Minor League teams; including baseball, women’s football, soccer, women’s roller derby, basketball and rugby. Not to mention all of the Prep and College teams.
Now Savannah has a Minor league baseball team called the Sand Gnats. For real. They have a Women’s roller derby team also. But that might be it. Not to mention all of the Prep and College teams, of course. Again, there’s no comparison.

There is other things too… Both places has it’s share of bugs like roaches and mosquitoes and Savanah wins the cake on that one. It’s a close call but the little creatures must love the South more.
St Louis appears to be more green, both meanings of the word. Everything seems to be more of the color green outside; leaves, grass and all. And everyone here seems to recycle and are more environmentally conscious then I have seen anywhere else.
St Louisians seem more religious, more money conscious and less prejudice. But Savannahians are more laid back and relaxed. They go a bit slower and are not as busy. They carry more guns and like the dirt more. But none of this is probably a surprise.

Just to be fair and to put this in perspective…. The population in the city of Savh is 144,352 and it’s 319,294 in StL. But as far as the Metropolitian area goes, StL was ranked the 19th largest in the country and Savh was 142nd. Obviously the two cities can’t compare. But I have always tried to weigh out the pros and cons in my mind to see which place I wanted to live at more. My pros for Savannah is my daughter who lives there, my friends and fresh crab legs. My pros for St Louis is my family, autumn, sporting events, Imos, sledding, festivals, wineries and so many many sites. Maybe I made the right choice.



So I just subscribed to Birchbox.  It’s a sampling company. You can also order full-size items from them. I just got my first package in the mail! And I think I’m going to love this. The actual box that it came in was a lot smaller than I thought it would be but the samples they chose to send me are great. For $10 a month Birchbox mails you different samples. There’s no contract so you can cancel anytime you want. I’ve heard so many good things about this company so I thought I’d give it a shot and try it for a month or two.  So here is my review and the list of items I received. 


1) The first product I received was It’s Potent.  It’s made by Benefit Cosmetics company.  The full-size package of It’s Potent cost $34. It’s under eye cream that brightens dark circles and helps improve skin’s elasticity over time.  I don’t actually have a problem with bags or under eye circles so I’m going to pass this on to someone else who would appreciate it.


2) Next I got Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Quad that is made by Coastal Scents. The full-size one cost $20. That’s pretty self-explanatory. It is four different shades and all colors I would wear. I’m not big into eyeshadows though and I sell Younique make up so I probably won’t have much use for this. Sounds like this could be use for a stocking stuffer in the future.

3)  My favorite item I received is called Hello and is made by Harvey Prince. Whoever that is. It’s perfume and the full-size prices run between $26 and $55. I will definitely be ordering some of that!

4) Then there’s  some face moisturizer called Hydra–C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel. It is made by Marcelle and the full size container cost $24. I don’t usually purchase face moisturizer but I’ll definitely use this sample all the way to the end.

5) And last but not least the package included a Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray. It’s made from the company PARLOR by Jeff Chastain. The full-size bottle is $24. This is non-drying spray that you put in your hair. It gives you soft beachy waves and smells amazing. You could put it in your hair while its damp or when it’s dry. It’s supposed to give a tousled look. 


I never heard of any of the companies that made these products but regardless I’ll still be trying them out and purchasing some of these. They don’t look cheap, they look like high-end products.  I’m looking forward to next month to see what comes in that package.  So far I give Birchbox a thumbs up. 👍🏻

My Current Interest

I do one of these posts every year. Its kind of cheesy but fun. Fun for me, anyway. Previous post otherwise known as, My Favorite Things and My Current Distractions. These are the things I’m into right now….


Strangely, I am into Harry Connick Jr. It kind of hit me out of the blue. I came across him while watching American Idol and BAM! I was like ‘Wow, where have I been?’ I don’t get star struck often or easily, at least not since I was 16 yrs old, but I damn sure did now. It’s not so much Harry’s looks but his personality. Actually his middle name is Harry. In case you don’t know who he is (but who wouldn’t), he’s a singer, musician and actor. He’s funny, witty, charming, ohhhhhh…. He has sold over 28 million albums worldwide. Harry is ranked among the top 60 best-selling male artists in the United States. Yep, he’s a big deal.  I could see me being one of those super fans or a groupie. He’s a year older than me and he’s Roman Catholic. We would have a beautiful wedding, if he wasn’t already married to an ex Victoria Secret model. He’s from New Orleans and his parents were important people down there; lawyers, judges and Supreme Court justices. Oh well, hopefully he’ll get divorced or widowed and I can snatch him up then.


Next, I am loving this shampoo called Wen. My hair dresser has been telling me about it for a while. I have hesitated purchasing it because it is $30. $30 is an awful lot to spend on shampoo when your poor. She kept telling me that I could really benefit from it since my hair is so thick and I have to use so much conditioner. So I finally broke down and bought it. I got the pomegranate flavor or scent. It wouldn’t be flavor if you don’t taste it, right? Well, anyway, it smells good. It takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, spray in conditioner, detangler or whatever you use. I will say that I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t lather. No lathering at all. ha ha. It has the consistency or texture of conditioner. But it’s not. It really is shampoo. I double checked. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have fine or thin hair. But everyone else should try it. It makes your hair unbelievably soft. Its like I have someone else’s head of hair. My mom would be cracking up if she heard me say that. Wen is not supposed to have any harsh chemicals and all that stuff in it but I really wouldn’t know if it did or not. And to be honest, I really wouldn’t care either. But others do. Something that seems a bit extreme to me is their directions. This is what it says…. “Rinse hair thoroughly. Apply WEN® into your palms and rub together. Use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 for medium length hair and 24-32 pumps for long hair. If your hair is longer/thicker you may need to increase the amount of pumps.”  Seriously? That is a lot of product used!! Craziness! But I do love the stuff and I will order it again.


Now onto Netflix. I really do not need any explanation done here. It speaks for itself. Who has time for a social life when they have a Netflix subscription? If you need a suggestion of something to watch, here is a few.. The Walking Dead, Call the Midwife, Mad Men, The Paradise, Scandal, Blacklist and some others I’m not going to mention. Plus, there is some great movies.



Then there is the Hao Mongolian Grill. Also known as the hahot mongolian grill from their sign out front. Or as me and my coworkers call it the ‘Who Ha’. Regardless of what name it has it is my favorite restaurant. It is located in Savannah not far from my work. My boss introduced it to me and I was surprised at how much I loved it. I generally don’t get into foreign food. Like at all. But geez, this place is off the dang hook. It’s basically oriental food with a do it yourself stir fry thingy. When you go in they give you a little silver bowl that looks like a dog food bowl.  Your then directed to a bar of a variety of raw meats and seafood; steak, chicken, ham, turkey, bacon, shrimp, crab, etc..You get the idea.  You drop a little butter in it and some garlic and then you are directed to the next bar. This one is all the veggies. With a wax paper dividing it, you pile on the extras of your choice. To top it all off you pick from the massive amount of sauces and spices. It is the same price no matter how much is in your bowl. It then is cooked in front of you by one of their Mongolian looking dudes. I think one of them thinks I am hitting on him since I go there so often. Really, I’m not. I’m so picky I only get sausage, turkey, onions, corn, peas, carrots and teriyaki sauce. Your given a choice of rice or noodles. I get both. It could be a healthy meal but then I drown it in shrimp sauce. It is so damn good! I could eat this everyday.


Last but not least….. My electric blanket. How do people live without one? I don’t understand. And I don’t ever want to find out. This is my 3rd one. I seem to burn through them pretty quick. They only last a couple of years for me. Am I treating them wrong or is that the life expectancy?

Thanks for sitting through my list. Whats your current interest???

I hear I’m a hedonist


Yep I never knew what a hedonist was before but I have been informed from the girls at work that I am one. I don’t remember ever hearing the actual word before. The name comes from the Greek word for “delight”. Apparently it’s not really something to brag about. But I can’t help it. I’m one of those that loves to be pampered or pleasured, not so in a sexual way just in general. The actual definition is….a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker. Or a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification. Wait, is that the same thing?


Yes, I would probably go to great lengths to get a pedicure, a massage, my head shampooed, fingernails painted, facial or anything resulting in pleasure. Yes,  I’m all about me. I’m all about pleasure or relaxation and pampering, yes yes yes yes. Is that something to be ashamed of? I’m not sure but I know it’s how I feel. Are there others out there like me or am I all alone? Wikipedia states that Ethical hedonism is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them, assuming that their actions do not infringe on the equal rights of others. It is also the idea that every person’s pleasure should far surpass their amount of pain. Ethical hedonism is said to have been started by some dude named Aristippus of Cyrene, a student of Socrates. He held the idea that pleasure is the highest good.


All hedonistic theories identify pleasure and pain as the only important elements of whatever phenomena they are designed to describe.  If hedonistic theories identified pleasure and pain as merely two important elements, instead of the only important elements of what they are describing, then they would not be nearly as unpopular as they all are. However, the claim that pleasure and pain are the only things of ultimate importance is what makes hedonism distinctive and philosophically interesting. This is the serious part that I am not exactly sure of. Do I feel pleasure and pain are the ONLY things that matter? Probably not. But I do still love massages. According to non-philosophers, a stereotypical hedonist is someone who never misses an opportunity to indulge of the pleasures of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, even if the indulgences are likely to lead to relationship problems, health problems, regrets, or sadness for themselves or others. I’m close but maybe not that extreme.


images (7)

I just got started with Younique, a direct sales company that specializes in premium-quality cosmetics .  The company has only been around since 2012 and I am in awe!  This stuff is amazing.  Younique is the  first direct-sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media. Their pioneered Younique Virtual Parties bridge the huge world of social media and the traditional home-party business model. A Younique Virtual Party has no limits to your reach or who you can invite. This makes it so the traditional home party is not even necessary unless you choose to do it. They provide the innovative and interactive tools and invite you to tap into your own resources and connections that you already have. You can be a Younique Presenter from the comfort of your own home without ever having to physically have people in your home. I am especially fond of their mascara they call Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. It goes on like mascara but looks like false lashes.


Not many people I know have heard of this company but something tells me they all will soon.  I want to shout it to the rooftops but trying not to make my friends strangle me. I think everyone I know is burned out from me selling them things. So now I have to think of a new way to get the word out there.  I’m using Facebook to advertise but I haven’t gotten many bites from it. I will probably have to break down and buy some business cards just so I can pass them out to strangers. I think once people try this thing they will love it! In fact I’m sure they will.

images (3)

Younique Products specializing in organic, all-natural, mineral-based cosmetics that are free of parabens, oils, synthetic fragrances, and cheap fillers. Like I said earlier the mascara is my favorite. The Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes provides a 300% increase to your lashes – the natural way! No Falsies, No Fakies, and no bulky messy lashes! The 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily washes off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day. Try it! It will quickly become your favorite makeup must-have! Look thru my website and check it all out.

images (2)

You could host a virtual on-line party to earn free make up!  And it is guaranteed! In addition to the mascara there is a whole line of make up including; eye shadows, primer, concealer, lip gloss, cleanser, moisturizer, blush and all. There is new lip and eye liners coming out September 1st. So if you know anyone who likes make up please tell them to get in touch with me about this and it’s also a great business opportunity.  you can jump in and get involved for only $99.


My flight to the Middle East

I just found an old journal that I had started to keep from back in 2009.  It’s kind of funny looking back at it now. A couple of pages from my journal reads…………………..

Thursday March 12, 2009   @ 1:45 PM 
Okay it’s official,  I am now on vacation.  I’m sitting in JFK Airport with Susie killing some time until my next flight is ready.  I’m writing in my new journal Susie gave me as my birthday present. I left the house around 5:30 AM this morning feeling like I was forgetting something.  That’s not a good sign.  Oh well.  I’m going with $587 in cash and really hoping to return with some.  So far my first two flights were good.  I hope the next two will be also.
5:15 PM
I just bought a 20 oz Mountain Dew for $2.85.  Good God. I’m sitting at the Egypt Air gate @ JFK with my group I will be traveling with. I’m really worried about Gus.  I’m praying  and hoping Kari has taken him out by now.  Susie just got me The Shack to read.  I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to read it though because I’m loving this new journal.  I hope I didn’t forget to do too much at home. I’m sitting next to Tina,  my new roommate for the trip.  She is from St. Louis originally but currently living in Chicago.  She works for American Airlines as a flight attendant.
7:45 PM, I think
Yes,  I’m wearing a watch and I’m not sure what time it is.  Susie and Tina have been picking on me because I set up the time on my watch before I left the house this morning for Egypt time.   We are now in flight from New York to Egypt.  The take off was awful.  I felt like I was going to vomit.  There’s a lot of turbulence right now making it hard to write. Susie  is sitting directly in front of me and thankfully no one is next to me.  This is a huge plane. I have  never been on one like this before. Some dude from the Middle East is sitting in my row that said he was in the States visiting his daughter.  I could hardly understand him so I ended our conversation.
This is so freaking exciting.  I bought some little generic Ked tennis shoes with no backs.  You know  the kind like mules?  And I already have a blister on my heel.  My heel! How the hell do you get a blister on your heel wearing backless shoes?!  Weird. My legs are sore, feet are tired and I’m not even there yet. But the thing is that I’m not whining out loud.  Jim would be so proud.  My legs hurt from dashing in the Atlanta airport.  They changed my gate and I didn’t realize it until 10 minutes before take off and then I ended up being on a whole different concourse.  But I made it!  See Susie,  I could be on The Amazing Race. LOL. International flights are so cool. Right now I’m watching the Duchess,  a movie.  They will be playing two more movies on this flight,  High School Musical III and The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants.  These ear plugs are killing me though.
I just got done eating dinner.  It was a vegetable medley,  a salad,  chicken breast, noodles and some kind of weird Middle Eastern gravy,  rolls,  cheese, crackers and cheese cake.  I actually ate it. Strange  I know. Ever since I boarded this plane it has felt like I was already in Egypt.  The crew is all Middle Eastern looking, there’s Egyptian literature,  music,  etc. This all is so interesting and I’m taking everything in.  This is the first time in my life I don’t even want to go to sleep. Flight attendants role these carts down the aisle selling jewelry and other gifts.  I have a blanket, pillow and  a little gift pouch they gave me.  The seats recline here better than on a domestic flight.  Susie gathered a great group of people for this trip.  I can tell already that I’m going to love this.  There’s only one guy in our group. His name is Apollo and he’s been traveling with Susie for many years.  He’s sitting right across the aisle from me.  The only ones in the group of 17 that I remember by name besides Apollo are Jo, Phyllis,  Tina and Nancy. Everyone has been very nice so far.
The guy sitting next to Tina is cute.  He looks American.  Too bad he’s not in our group.  LOL.  On that cart I mentioned earlier I just noticed it also has HUGE carton of cigarettes, cologne,  toys and  all kinds of miscellaneous stuff.  Lots of Middle Eastern looking people seem to be buying the big cartons of cigarettes. Oh man,  I’m totally grossed out right now.  The Middle Eastern dude who is sitting two seats over from me was sleeping & coughed and some fluid landed on my arm! Disgusting! Yuck! Gross! Sweet Jesus!  Susie gave up her little wet one sanitary nap for me.  Thank God she did  since there seems to be a line at all the bathrooms. We have just come to realize that they don’t sell alcohol on this flight.  So all that flirting Susie did with the flight attendant was useless.  I haven’t been to the bathroom yet on this plane and it would be fine with me if I don’t. I’m afraid that I won’t fit in there. I did get up and walk around,  barefoot. That’s kind of  an odd thing for me because I so rarely ever go barefoot,  not even at home. But my feet were hurting that bad.
I still have a weird lump in my throat and we’ve been flying for probably five hours already.  Hopefully it’ll go away at some point.  It’s not like a sore throat but like I’m going to heave.  I wonder if Wesley is missing me.  I wonder if my Mr. Big does too.  Probably not since I just left. But I know Gus does.  Well I just had my first airplane bathroom experience.  I did not enjoy it but I did wear shoes in there and washed my arm.  We are about an hour and a half from landing in Cairo, Egypt now and I just had to go to the bathroom for a second time.  Yes me, who can hold it forever. I had to go in the airplane bathroom from hell and had a bad experience. Yuck.
8:45 AM 
The sun is out and I still have blisters on my feet and my legs hurt.  I have been up for over 24 hrs. I can’t wait to get off this plane. They are passing out breakfast now.  Let’s see what’s in store for me…
Breakfast was uneventful.  a roll,  croissant,  butter,  cheese,  yogurt and juice . The guy sitting next to Susie is kind of creepy looking.  As Kathryn would say,  he’s a creeper.  Less than an hour until we land and I can’t wait.  But we have to get on another plane to go to Jordan.   I pray and hope my two pieces of checked luggage  are not lost in the Middle East.
download (2)
6:05 PM
Wow,  what a day! Entering into Cairo International Airport was so different and scary and exciting.  I been awake so long and my ankles have swelled up outrageously.  I guess sitting on the plane that long does that. Egyptian Airport people  gave us a free afternoon tour of Cairo and lunch during our layover.  We weren’t expecting it so it was a nice surprise.  I saw three pyramids and lots of locals.  I could only take a few pictures though because her van hardly ever slow down.  They drive with no regard to speed limits or traffic  laws. It was amazing that I did not witness one accident.  The locals love to have their picture taken.  I was not crazy about our complementary lunch.  It was some bread that you dipped in peanut oil or something and mixed veggies,  rice and probably three different kinds of meats.  The restroom was clean but you had to reach your hand into a hole in the wall to flush the toilet.
We finally boarded the plane to Jordan.  I can’t wait to get to my hotel room.  The girl who sat next to me on this  plane was from Jordan and had a little baby with her.  She was very pretty and she answered the hundred questions that I asked her about Jordan. Arriving in Amman was so much easier than Egypt.


I would love to track my father’s ancestery. But what do you do when all the parties involved are deceased? How do you know if the information you’re tracking is accurate if they have very common names? My father was born in 1918 and his sister was older. Both have passed and obviously their parents have too. I just hate that I didn’t grill my dad with tons of questions when he was around. I should have gotten dates, times and places. That is probably my life’s biggest regret.

I tried the whole thing and it’s really hard to tell if it’s them with no proof. I don’t want to start to track someone and then I would be following the wrong John Smith. Ya know? My grandmother was an immigrant, which makes the search that much harder.

Now my mother’s family is easy to track and I have a lot of living relatives from that side. But I’ve always heard about that side of the family so there’s nothing on that side that makes me curious. My mother talked a lot about her past with memories, names and places. I like looking back on it but it doesn’t drive me with passion to search it all out like my dad’s.

It’s my dad’s family that I’m dying to know about and it’s not because I think they might be royalty or rich or anything like that. I don’t care if she was just a slave or dirt poor. I just want to know. I have only seen 2 pictures of my grandmother, I think. And maybe 1 of my grandfather. I have no idea where my grandfather grew up or anything about his side. My grandmother came over to America from Scotland and was born in Ireland. Or was born in Scotland and came here from Ireland. I’m not sure.

I wrote a post on my blog in August of 2012 about my grandmother. Or what I imagined her story was like. Any suggestions on how to hunt these Thomases down? Maybe I should go see a medium and ask. But that’s not really my thing.


Living in the Southeast


Are you living in the part of the country you want to? If it were up to me and money wasn’t an issue then I would live in a different state. I love the Northeast, I love Texas (doesn’t everyone?) and I love St Louis. I even dream of how nice the Northwest would be. What am I doing living in the southeast? I ask myself that more and more the older I get. There’s so much about living in this area that I don’t care for. This is not the area of the country I should be living.  

Image  Image
For starters it’s the humid heat. The heat is suffocating. It may be because I’m out of shape, or because I’m older, but then may be  it’s a combination of both. I remember I used to could handle it. But not anymore. Once it starts to get hot outside I now go into hibernation. I begin the countdown waiting until the fall. Unfortunately Savannah has two seasons; smoldering hot and a chili Autumn. Thats it. Really. 
Image Image Image
Then there’s the bugs. My God, do we have bugs! There is lizards, cockroaches,  sand gnats, mosquitoes, flies, bees, Beatles and more. The gnats are the worst for me. It bothers me more than most people I know. Sand Gnats is actually the name of Savannah’s minor league baseball team.  Seriously. You know that’s a bad sign. The bugs are so much worse than when I lived in the Midwest. 
Most people I know that live in this area enjoy it here because of the beach. I do enjoy the view at the beach and also like the sound of the waves. There is probably nothing more peaceful or relaxing then staring out into the ocean. But what I don’t like is sand. I can’t stand it. I don’t like it under my feet, blowing in my face or in the crack of my ass. It gets in your beach bag, on your towel and in your car. There’s no way of getting around it. Now if I were to live in a nice place overlooking the ocean with the waves crashing into some big huge rocks that would be perfect. But that’s not Savannah. 

The reasons I DO live here are very simple. My one and only daughter lives here. And the other reason is my fella. He too, lives here. They both are my lifelines and support. I do love the city here; the size of it and the people. I have many friends here and have a job here. The southern food is so delicious and I love our accents too. People really are friendlier here and things just go at a slower pace. I like being in the bible belt and having so many people with conservative views around me. It’s not all bad. But…. If my daughter and Paul did not live here then I know I definitely wouldn’t be either. Where would you go??


My Little Relocation in 2014

mov 3

I moved again. Thankfully it wasn’t too big of an adjustment. I moved to a different apartment but in the same complex. My lease was up and if I stayed where I was then my rent was going up. But I had an option to move to a smaller apartment for less rent. So obviously I changed to the smaller apartment.

I am glad I made the change for several reasons. It’s cute, quaint and makes me feel safe. I really didn’t need that much space living all alone. But when I say smaller…. it’s a lot smaller. Its 575 ft.². The hardest part was the packing, moving from one upstairs apartment to another upstairs apartment and unpacking. 

mov 1

There’s a few downsides of living in the new place. One is missing my balcony. I had a great screened in balcony that is now not included in this one. I also love windows and I love opening the blinds in the daytime. Now I only have one window. Also the stairwell reeks of nicotine and I’m not a smoker. My queen size bed barely fits. In fact I have to turn it at an angle just to make it fit in the space. My storage is limited and have had to be very creative for my kitchen cabinets contents. On the other hand, there is a lot to be said about downsizing. As long as you are organized and don’t have much clutter it can be a less stressful and a cheaper setting. 

mov 2

But all in all I think this was still the best move for me. I live in an upstairs apartment with no one below me. The ceiling fans kick butt and I don’t have to run the AC as much. If this apartment was located in New York City it would cost a fortune. It’s clean, safe and has every amenity. Quality not quantity. This will be the year I try to live within my financial means.

Another Year Comes to an End



As 2013 comes to a close, I have begun to reflect over all that has occurred. A lot of changes and growth happened this year. I moved, changed jobs, lost weight, gained weight and went on a big vacation. You never know what’s to come with me. I like changes and if it were up to me I would keep on trying new things constantly.

The first half of the year I focused on saving money and becoming healthy. I was exercising regularly and religiously watched what I ate. I lost over 30 lbs and believed it was just the beginning of becoming a better me. I had a great working relationship with my dispatch partner, Dawn and all was looking up for me. Why oh why must I rock the boat when I am sailing thru calm waters? I get bored when things stay the same, I think.

In June I changed jobs and moved to a fabulous new dwelling. And my goodness, I love my new place. It’s an apartment in a great community. It has been 4 yrs since I lived alone and oh how I have missed the privacy and solitude. The new job is in the same line of work I have been in for years. It’s just a larger company with more money, better benefits and closer to home. But not what I was expecting at all. There is a lot I could say about this but I will refrain. At least for now.

With the move and the job change I fell off the wagon big time. The healthy wagon that is. I fell into my old ways and got comfortable. Mountain Dew goes down like water and my regular exercise regime is walking to and from my car. If coworkers order out then I have been jumping in too. Smelling Popeyes @ the desk next to me is just too much to bear. So unfortunately I gained all of my weight back, and some. I am working on trying to get back on track somehow. Exercise, water and healthier foods are in my future.

Then in November I took my first trip to Europe. I have dreamt of this my whole life. I went to Switzerland, France, Germany and The Netherlands. It was life changing for me. Something I will never forget. I put my job on hold and spent all my money but it was worth it. Traveling to me is more valuable than anything. I have to figure out a way to do it and get paid. So far I have been to Africa, Asia, Europe and of course North America. Still have three more continents to go.

This year I have learned that it is so hard to teach an old dog new tricks, that you can NEVER let your guard down on your weaknesses, and saving money IS the key. My highest point of the year was loosing weight, and my lowest point was gaining it all back. Like always, I am looking forward to the new year. I love new beginnings. And can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me!

2013’s list of my 10 favorite things

I did a post over a year ago titled 10 of my favorite things. Well this post is going to list my current passions. Maybe I’ll do like Oprah and have a list for each year. Too bad I don’t have anything to give away. Maybe people would read my blog if I did. I love my lists.

1. Matrix Biolage Keratin Dose is a spray on leave in hair conditioner. This has saved me so much time in the mornings. And My hair has never been softer since I have started using this! I have tried other spray in conditioners but they are not anything like this one. Trust me, this is the best one out there!


2. Bath & Body Works Wallflower Fragrance Bulb with Sweet Pea Scent. Well Sweet Pea is my favorite not sure if it’s yours. My entire apartment smells of this incredible fragrance and I know I should have bought several more replacements.  I think you can get 4 for $20. I can’t describe the scent but I think most people know what it smells like.


3. Brita filtered bottle – By reducing the taste and odor of Chlorine, Brita® filters transform tap water into great-tasting drinking water. I have spent so much money on bottled waters. This saves me a ton. You only need to change the filter every 2 months. Now I can just fill my water bottle at any faucet and it tastes great. Lately I have been filling it with ice and letting it slowly melt down.
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4. Grandma’s Vanilla Sandwich Cookies! Oh my Lord these are good. I have found these in the vending machine @ work and am now hooked. I get the minis and believe these are the best little vanilla cookies out there. Not good if your dieting though, unless you eat just one. Ha!

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5. Monograms. I am totally into monograming this year. There’s so many things on my wish list that is monogrammed.


6. Prilosec. Over the counter one,  not the prescription. For some reason, the prescription (which may be the exact same thing) doesn’t work for me at all. I feel like I would be dead without it. And wouldn’t you know it but the OTC one is more expensive.


7. Mary Kay liquid black eyeliner. No explanation needed.

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8. Downton Abbey…. Yes, I wrote a whole post on my blog on this. Now just counting down the days until the next season starts. 7 more days to be exact. I don’t know anyone that watched it that didn’t fall completely in love with it.


9. The Do Not Disturb option on my iPhone settings. Yes! Most people use it for when they sleep. I use it during the day. And at night…

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10. Candy Cane Thrill blizzard (or milkshake) from DQ. It screams my name. I love it!!



Whats your favorite things for 2013. I could go on and on but am limiting myself to 10 on here.

Can you die from a toothache???

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I wrote this post almost 3 months ago but never published.

I’m not exactly sure how this post will turn out because I am under the influence of pain medication at this time. I have been having a time with my teeth this year. Somehow and someway I just let my teeth go. Don’t misunderstand me, they are not yellow or grimy looking. They are clean, white and straight. But apparently two of my teeth need root canals. I have been having ungodly toothaches and in terrible pain. Toothaches have to be the worst pain ever. I don’t have the money for a root canal and my dental insurance has reached its yearly allowance. So what to do….

I don’t want to pull them but can’t stay in this pain. If I hurry up and change jobs then I can get new dental insurance. Or maybe I can date a Endodontist. I could cash out some of my retirement or sell my only car. Ok, ok, I’m not really going to do any of those suggestions. So I guess my real options are to have both bad teeth pulled, go to the clinic in the hood or bear with the pain until I save up enough for 2 root canals. Life sucks. It’s never easy and something always comes along to trip us up. I will never be rich so I need to brace myself for more and more financial burdens to be thrown my way.

Well, since I originally wrote this I have been under an Endodontist care. I have so far spared my teeth. Whewwww. I DID however change jobs and got new dental insurance so it will include a root canal. It’s weird how the older we get then more and more of our health seems to slowly fall apart. I could have prevented this but got very complacent. Since this occurred I have become obsessed with flossing my teeth. Really. I cannot eat a thing without flossing afterwards. And if I have a sweet tea to drink or any kind of soft drink then I want to run brush my teeth afterwards to rinse the sugar off of my teeth. I wish I would have started this behavior 10 years ago. Oh well. We live and learn.

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